Reds Announcer Thom Brennaman Uses Anti-Gay Slur On Live Broadcast

On Wednesday night, Cincinnati Reds announcer Thom Brennaman used an anti-gay slur on a hot mic during the second game of a doubleheader against Kansas City. What a horrible look. Seriously, I don’t have time for people like this. Get Thom out, fire him, don’t let him apologize on air. The only good thing about this year is that if you’re a homophobe or racist and use this type of language, you’re going to be exposed. Just yesterday a Hornets radio announcer “accidentally” used the N-word in a tweet, not realizing that most people know how autocorrect works. You have to actually use that word a lot for it to be corrected.

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Thom was then in the middle of an on air apology and trying to explain to all of America that he isn’t a bad person, he just says bad things, when Nick Castellanos hit a home run. How awkward.

I don’t need to hear that Thom Brennaman is a good person, not from him, not from his buddies, not from anyone. I just heard with my own two ears that he isn’t. That should be the last job Thom ever gets, and we the people of the internet must make it clear that we will not tolerate homophobes or racists being part of the entertainment that we consume.

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