Pete Carroll Believes Seahawks Have a ‘Shot’ at Winning Super Bowl With Drew Lock

It was only a matter of time before Russell Wilson left the Seahawks.

Russell Wilson clearly wanted out and the Seahawks finally let him have his way and traded him to the Denver Broncos. Seattle in exchange for Russell Wilson got sent quarterback Drew Lock back as part of the trade package.

Now with the QB carousel slowly coming to a stop, it appears as if Lock will be the Seahawks starter come next season. Asked if they could win a Super Bowl with Drew Lock, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll believes they have do have a “shot.”

Via The Seattle Times:

“If he plays like he did early on, I think we’ve got a shot,’’ Carroll said. “You go back to his first year when he was balling as a rookie, when he was 4-1, his third-down numbers were terrific. Taking care of the football really well. … We think he’s still that guy and so we’ll see.’’

Of course Caroll is going to say they have a shot.

Seattle appears to be in rebuild mode, and if they couldn’t win with Russell Wilson, I doubt they’re going to with Drew Lock.

Pete Carroll isn’t getting any younger so I’m sure he’s still trying to figure out a better option at QB.

Until then he’ll have to tow the line on their chances with Lock.

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