Oscar De La Hoya Returns Fire on Dana White After UFC Boss Said He Faked Covid and Called Him a Crackhead

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya and his beef with Dana White is starting to get pretty ugly.

The UFC boss called out the boxing legend for faking COVID, and he also called Oscar a crackhead. This current spat started when Oscar tweeted about fighter’s pay, or lack there of. Oscar was set to fight ex-UFC light heavyweight champion Vitor Belfort this month but had to withdraw after he contacted COVID.

See the tweets below:

Dana White’s response:

“That’s all you got, Dana White?” he asked in a separate tweet late on Monday.

“You’re accusing me of FAKING a virus that killed almost 700,000 Americans to avoid a fight?

“You pathetic piece of sh*t. You’ve never even laced up the gloves.

Oscar also RT’d a pretty funny picture of White:

This round may just go to Oscar. This feud definitely will have a few more rounds to come.

Get your popcorn ready…

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