Boxing Legend Oscar De La Hoya Responds To Troubling Allegations

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya has found himself facing an uphill legal battle.

This week, it was reported that the “Golden Boy” is being accused of two separate instances of sexual assault.

Per L.A. Times:

“The next morning De La Hoya wasn’t present when the Casa Mexico group assembled to tour the distillery, and the woman went to his room to wake him. She alleges in the lawsuit that De La Hoya “pulled [her] into his bed, where he sexually assaulted her.”

De La Hoya, who is a partner in the company, assaulted her again when the group returned to Los Angeles, the woman alleges…

“At some point, when De La Hoya was alone with [the woman], he revealed and retrieved a sexual object from a stored collection in his house. Without [her] consent, De La Hoya forcibly inserted the sexual object into [her] body,” the lawsuit states.”

In a statement, Oscar De La Hoya vehemently denied the sexual assault claims.

“Unfortunately, with the twenty-four-hour news cycle, we find ourselves today, more often than not, as the recipient of vindictive and unjust accusations that are interpreted and spread as truth — without any evidence to support erroneous claims,” Oscar’s rep told TMZ Sports in a statement.

We’ll await any more details on the ongoing Oscar De La Hoya situation.

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