New Trade Proposal Has Odell Beckham Jr. Going To The Chicago Bears

Would the Cleveland Browns consider sending Odell Beckham Jr. to the Chicago Bears?

At first thought the answer would be, “no shot.” But if you break it down, the trade could make sense for both sides.

In a recent Bleacher Report article, writer Brad Gannon said that the Browns would be “silly” not to make the deal happen if the bears were willing to part way with defensive tackle Akiem Hicks.

“Y’all are going to say the Cleveland Browns aren’t trading Beckham and the Chicago Bears aren’t trading Hicks. Fine, but this is a deal the Browns would be silly not to make if the Bears were game. They were extremely successful without Beckham down the stretch last season, and they could desperately use more help in the interior defensive line,” Gannon wrote.


The Browns lost Odell Beckham Jr. mid-season last year, and found their groove on offense shortly after, averaging more yards per game than they did with the star receiver in the lineup.

Also, Akiem Hicks is playing on the last year of his contract, and has expressed some lack of patience with the Bears front office’s unwillingness to extend him to a long term deal.

Odell Beckham Jr. paired with Allen Robinson and up-and-coming receiver Darnell Mooney could be what the Bears need to push Matt Nagy’s offense to a respectable unit (and perhaps save his job).

Also, the Browns could really used some help on their interior defensive line, as they will currently be relying on veteran Malik Jackson and Andrew Billings, who sat out last season due to COVID.

Will an Odell Beckham Jr. for Akiem Hicks trade happen? Probably not, but it would make sense on a lot of different levels.

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