Odell Beckham Jr. Can Catch Mostly Anything But Apparently His Body Cannot Catch COVID-19

Odell Beckham Jr. was at it again with his bullshit today. His latest hot take was in regards to COVID-19.

Odell claims that his relationship with the deadly disease is built on “mutual respect”. Obviously Twitter had a field day with this one.


Yeah, probably not the smartest thing for Odell to say. The virus has killed over 221K in the United States alone. But then again, did we really expect Odell Beckham Jr. to show any empathy?

The guy is a walking bad take machine.

Maybe one day Odell can learn to just shut up. He hasn’t done enough in the league to be one of those guys that can say whatever he wants. I also hope that he does’t take the chances of catching this virus lightly.

I know he was joking in this quote, but I don’t trust Odell. We’ve had enough problems in the NFL with COVID cases and rescheduling games. The last thing we need is Odell Beckham Jr. to be out and about.

If I were this guy’s teammate I would tell him to take it easy on the Covid jokes. We don’t need that attention. Maybe they can focus on beating the Steelers. After Sunday’s 38-7 loss in Pittsburg, it has now been 17 years since the Browns beat the Steelers on the road.

If the Browns want to prove they’re anything more than pretenders after a hot start to the season, they need to take themselves a little bit more seriously. This isn’t how winning teams operate.

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