Nuggets Forward Isaiah Hartenstein’s Girlfriend Reacts to Nuggets Opening Up Arena to Fans

As the NBA and the entire world continue to fight the COVID-19 virus, the Denver Nuggets took a major step forward in the return to normalcy. They recently announced they will be opening up shop for fans to come back and root on the Nuggets. According to a Nuggets press release, the Nuggets will begin hosting fans in Ball Arena for home games beginning on April 2nd.  No one seemed happier about this news than Nuggets forward Isaiah Hartenstein’s girlfriend.


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Kourtney Kellar took to Instagram to share her enthusiasm about the announcement:

“When you hear the Nuggets are finally opening up the arena to some fans starting April 2nd”

That is an A+ post right there.

This is an exciting moment for Nuggets fans.

Check out more of supreme Nuggets fan Kourtney Keller below:

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