New Bears QB Coach Thinks They Have The ‘Best QB Room In The NFL’ With Mitch Trubisky And Nick Foles – “It means we have a passion for the game. We have a ton of energy,” Bears quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo said, via the Chicago Tribune. “We’re the same people every day. But then we walk around with a little bit of swagger to ourselves in terms of knowing we’re the best quarterback room in the National Football League.

“And that doesn’t mean we go around and are cocky and arrogant. That just means we have a swagger about ourselves that the only (way we can be) beat is if we beat ourselves.”

DeFilippo comes to Chicago with some familiarity and history with Foles, with whom he spent the 2017 season in Philadelphia and the 2019 season in Jacksonville. You might recall Foles leading the Eagles on an unlikely Super Bowl run, from which both he and DeFilippo now own a ring. The coach knows at least one of his quarterbacks can rise to the occasion when the lights are the brightest.

Trubisky, though, needs to prove he has that same mettle. DeFilippo’s first words of advice to him were to take a moment to breathe and not think about football before returning to become the best he can be in a crucial season.

“I told him he needed to get away, man,” DeFilippo said. “I said, ‘Bro, you had a rough season. Like from a mental standpoint. (From a) physical standpoint, you’ve got a shoulder you need to rehab. But you need to go clear your mind for a few weeks.'”

There’s a lot of Mitch Trubisky and Bears slander out there online. And I get it. He wasn’t good last year and the one thing that makes him better, running more frequently, is something his coach didn’t let him do. To say that he’d even be able to be a part of a “best quarterback room in the National Football League” seems like a stretch.

But I’ve got a soft spot for John DeFilippo, even after he’s been demoted down the food chain after he was the offensive coordinator in Minnesota and Jacksonville. And DeFilippo’s confidence largely banks on his experience with this guy:

Honestly, how could you not think you have the best QB room in the league after you saw Nick Foles do what he did against Bill Belichick and the Patriots? I’ve mindlessly backed athletes for FAR less in betting and DFS.

It’s hard to expect to ever reach those highs again. But if you lived through that experience, flamed out in Minnesota and Jacksonville, and now you get Nick Foles back in your life? I don’t blame John DeFilippo one bit for his take. You’ve got to believe and, after the horseshoe he saw lodged directly in Foles’ ass during that playoff run, there is something for him personally to believe in.

Plus what’s John DeFilippo going to say? “Yeah our QB room is like … top-20. Maybe. I mean you guys have seen Mitch play right?” We are very much in the meaningless platitudes time of the NFL offseason. No surprises to be had here. And I’ll be damned if I begrudge Johnny D’s relentless optimism in a year desperately lacking in it.

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