MLB Players Are Trolling The League With Their Twitter Avatars Following The Lockout

After the MLBPA and the league’s owners couldn’t come to an agreement last night, the long-dreaded lockout took affect at midnight – meaning players now can’t talk to teams. And Opening Day 2022 might be in jeopardy of not starting on time.

On top of that, the MLB isn’t even using pictures of their players on the official website – which I guess has something to do with not using a players image while the CBA isn’t in effect??

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To troll the MLB, players all over started changing their Twitter pictures to a generic avatar.

Both commissioner Rob Manfred and union president Tony Clark released statements on the MLB lockout.

It’s clear that the animosity between the MLB players and the owners is very real. And it’s possible that we’re no where near a resolution.

Baseball is truly in dire straits right now.

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