Even Darius Leonard Couldn’t Talk Smack To Tom Brady

Indianapolis Colts linebacker Darius Leonard is known as one of the greatest smack talkers in the NFL today. But even he didn’t have much to offer when he went up against the GOAT, Tom Brady, in a marquee matchup last weekend.

When Leonard punched out the ball on Chris Godwin during the game, he was gearing up for his usual trash talk. But after seeing Brady standing next to him, the Colts playmaker thought better of it.

“I got the punch-out, right?” Leonard said, via NFL.com. “So, you know how I always go celebrate. He’s right here, you know how I talk s–t. I said, ain’t gonna do it. I got too much respect for him so I ain’t gonna do it.”


Darius Leonard and the Colts were on top of Tom Brady’s Bucs for most of the game. But as he’s done his whole career, Brady came charging back – leading Tampa to a thrilling 38-31 victory.

Leonard was mic’d up for the game. And he hilariously talked to his teammates about the moment he realized he had “too much respect” to trash talk Brady.

While Darius Leonard might stay away from trashing Tom Brady, that won’t stop the veteran QB from giving it to him or any of his other opponents. Throughout his career, Brady has used smack talk to his advantage, using it to fuel his fire.

Despite playing better football of late, the Colts currently sit at 6-6, but remain in the mix in the AFC South.

Tom Brady, on the other hand, has his Bucs looking like Super Bowl contender, yet again.

Hopefully we see these two guys facing off against each other for some years to come.

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