MLB Legend Turned Mortician Reveals COVID’s Brutal Toll

If there’s anyone who’s paying attention to the toll the pandemic is taking on people, it’s the former Major League Baseball player known as The Hawk. MLB Hall of Famer Andre Dawson wants people to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The former Chicago Cubs slugger has been putting in long hours at his funeral home in Miami to deal with rising COVID deaths in Florida, according to WGN Chicago. Dawson has been keeping pretty busy lately, clearly a result of the pandemic.

Dawson doesn’t want to have turn down families, but that’s what it might come to.

“It’s been pretty touch and go, we put in a lot of long hours, lot of late hours,” Dawson said. “The last three weeks, we have had about 25 total new cases and I think we had 40 last year.”

Of those 25 cases, 20 of them were COVID-19-related deaths. Paradise Memorial Funeral Home has yet to turn away any family in mourning, but Dawson worries it could happen.

Dawson has been holding six funerals the last several Saturdays, an extremely high number.

If anyone knows the toll this is taking on human life, it’s Dawson.

Listen to the Hawk and get the vaccine!

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