Mitchell Trubisky Continued To Throw Matt Nagy Under The Bus When Discussing His Year In Buffalo

It’s no secret that the Mitchell Trubisky-Matt Nagy marriage in Chicago was an utter disaster.

The QB-coach duo could never click — with Nagy eventually replacing the former first round pick with Nick Foles, and then Andy Dalton, and then Justin Fields.

But now, Mitchell Trubisky is being given a second chance after signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers to be the heir apparent to Ben Roethlisberger (for now).

When speaking on how spending a year in Buffalo helped his grow as a QB on Thursday, Trubisky didn’t hold back on the shade sent to Matt Nagy.

“The biggest thing was communication between quarterback and play-caller,” Trubisy said on his time with Brian Daboll instead of Nagy calling plays.

Earlier in the offseason, Mitchell Trubisky made similar comments when talking about how delightful things were in Buffalo.

“Going to Buffalo really opened my eyes,” Trubisky said. “After being in Chicago for four years, there was only one way I knew how to do things. [Being] in Buffalo and [having] a different way of doing things, you learn what’s possible. It helped me get back to instinctual football and using my talents rather than overthinking.”

Sure, Matt Nagy’s offense was inept during his time as the Chicago Bears head coach. But it feels a little premature for Mitchell Trubisky to be throwing shade just yet. He’s now going to have a chance to prove himself as a starting quarterback. But until he does, he can’t act like he’s been vindicated just yet.

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