Michelle Beadle Joins Spurs Broadcast Team After Being Pushed Aside By ESPN

Former ESPN host Michelle Beadle has landed a new gig.

After her short time run with “Get Up”, “NBA Countdown” and “Sportsnation” came to an end, it was announced just 12 days prior to the NBA season the Beadle was going to be a part of the San Antonio Spurs broadcast team.

Michelle Beadle’s official role with the Spurs will be a “special correspondent”, which leaves a lot of room for versatility.

She was one of the more vocal voices at ESPN. Which clearly rubbed the network the wrong way. Along with calling Urban Meyer a “liar” for how he handled the accusations of marital abuse from assistant coach Zach Smith, she also claimed to be boycotting the NFL and college football because she believed they marginalized women.

“The entire thing is a disgrace. I’m just numb to it. I’m just ready for NBA to kick off, quite frankly. That’s what I’m here for,” she told Mike Greenberg and Jalen Rose on Get Up.

Luckily for Michelle Beadle, she’ll have the opportunity to focus solely on the NBA during her role with the Spurs.

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