Michael Jordan’s Savage Response to Terrell Owens’ 1-On-1 Challenge

Living GOAT Michael Jordan was never one to shy away from a challenge. But you’d have to be worthy in order for Jordan to actually care enough. Former NFL superstar Terrell Owens fancies himself a great basketball player, at one point several years back, he was trying to make his way into the NBA. Much like LaVar Ball, T.O. claimed he could take MJ in a game of one on one.


Terrell Owens even challenged MJ to a game of one-on-one. Watch below:


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Derek Anderson appeared on The Truth Podcast, and told the story of how Jordan responded to Terrell Owens’ trash talk.

“Terrell said ‘I think I can make it to the league’ and MJ said ‘you can’t play for the Clippers, Terrell.’ So they started talking trash and Terrell said ‘let’s go play one-on-one’ and MJ said ‘if you can beat my son (Marcus), you can play me one-on-one.’ He never played the son, so Terrell is like ‘I can beat him.’”

Watch below:

Terrell Owens never got around to playing MJ’s sons, so we’ll really never know what could have been.

It would have been so amazing to see Michael Jordan destroy T.O.

But MJ knows there’s zero upside for him to beat a football player.  MJ’s trash talk is legendary.

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