Marshawn Lynch Trending After His Hilarious, Unfiltered Appearance On The Manning Brothers’ MNF Broadcast

When Marshawn Lynch was announced as a scheduled guest on Peyton and Eli Manning’s alternate MNF broadcast, everyone knew we were bound to get some fireworks. And sure enough, Lynch pulled.

First, when talking about his skittles eating habits on the sidelines, Lynch dropped an unfiltered “ah sh-t” on the audience.


Marshawn Lynch didn’t stop there either. During a broken play for Geno Smith and the Seahawks, Lynch couldn’t stop himself from dropping an “f-bomb” amid his confusion.

When asked by the manning brother whether or not he had any shots before the appearance, Marshawn Lynch was honest – admitting that he took three before. He explained that he took one shot for himself, one for Peyton, and one for Eli.

Marshawn Lynch remains a National Treasure. And he never fails to kill it whenever e gets in front of a microphone.

I think I speak for every NFL fan when I say that we need more Marshawn in our lives.

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