Mark Cuban Highlights The Shocking Amount Of Money The Mavs Will Lose Without Fans

The shortest offseason of all time is almost over and the NBA season is right on the horizon. The Dallas Mavericks and many other NBA organizations are soon to open up arenas with very few or no fans. Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban recently detailed the financial impact that would have on the organization. During an appearance on 96.7 The Ticket this week, Cuban spoke about the ongoing obstacles created by the coronavirus pandemic. He said the Mavericks are sure to lose more than $100 million with the restrictions in place.

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“Am I going to lose a lot of money this year? Yes. No question about it,” Mark Cuban said, via CNBC’s Tom Huddleston Jr. “More than $100 million when this is all said and done? Yes. No question about it.”

The Mavericks still haven’t released an official statement with a plan for attendance, but surely they will before the season kicks off in just a couple of weeks. Mark Cuban stated that he is optimistic that stadiums will be back to full capacity at some point in the 2020-2021 NBA season.


“Fans will be in arenas, and it wouldn’t shock me if … we reach a point in time where there are enough people with vaccines and everybody’s confident, maybe it’s March, maybe it’s April, maybe even May since we started [the season] late, and we’re just selling out the place,” Mark Cuban said.

As nice as that sounds, I am not yet convinced it will happen quite that fast. However, I will try to be optimistic like Mark Cuban. It has already become very evident the massive amount of money teams have lost due to COVID restrictions. The playoff bubble proved to be a very effective mitigation, but that is not the route the NBA will be going for the regular season.

It is hard to know when things will go back to normal without COVID restrictions, but if the NFL is any indication we definitely aren’t there yet. I am not quite as bullish on fans returning to stadiums as Mark Cuban, but I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

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