Marcus Stroman Gets Trashed By Yankees Fans After Continuing His Troll Job

I think it’s safe to say Marcus Stroman won’t be joining the Yankees next season. After a successful stint with the Mets, Stroman will now hit free agency.

But the pitcher has created a rift with the Yankees fan base ever since declaring himself better than any other pitcher on the Yankees staff other than Gerrit Cole (which is true). And also declaring the rotation an Achilles heel for the Bronx Bombers (which is a little far-fetched).

In 2020, Marcus Stroman responded to a tweet saying the Yankees would be winning multiple World Series’ if they were to get more out of their rotation.

On Tuesday, Marcus Stroman hopped back on the same thread to point out how well his tweet has been aging.


Yankees fans jumped in to call out Marcus Stroman, informing him that their starting rotation was actually fine in 2021.

Marcus Stroman is one of the better online trolls that we have in the world of sports, which is pretty good for the overall growth of the game.

But he might want to check his stats on this one. The Yankees might have been brutal closing out games, but their starting rotation did their job for the most part this past season. Nonetheless, don’t be surprised if the Yankees try to bolster their rotation for next season.

The war is on between Marcus Stroman and the Yankees faithful.

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