Lions RB Jamaal Williams Hilariously Compares Packers To An Ex-Girlfriend

Hell hath no fury like an NFL running back scorned. In discussing his departure from Green Bay, Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams likened the Packers to an ex-girlfriend, while Detroit is his rebound girl. Aaron Jones signed a four-year, $48 million deal with the Packers in March, just as Williams’ rookie contract was expiring.

That pretty much spelled the end of his tenure with the Packers.

“It ainโ€™t hard for them to say ‘bye,” Williams said Thursday. โ€œThey let me (go). Yโ€™all act like I left on my own, golly. I didnโ€™t do it. Shoot, if I could have stayed, I could have stayed. If I canโ€™t, they didnโ€™t want me.”

Williams compared his departure to being dumped by a longtime girlfriend, and in that regard, his new team is like his ex’s good friend.

“Like that ex-girlfriend, shoot, I got to go,” he said. “But I got a rebound, it was the Lions, they picked me up. Now they feeding me good, taking me to dinners. Another manโ€™s trash is another manโ€™s treasure.”

Williams started the Lions’ season-opening loss to the San Francisco 49ers last week.

He led the team with 54 yards rushing and a touchdown on nine carries.

One team’s trash is another team’s treasure.

So far.

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