Kenyan Drake Issues Graphic Video Warning to NFL After Breaking Ankle

Tackle football is a sport where injuries are going to happen, but what about some new rules??

Raiders running back Kenyan Drake suffered a broken ankle this past weekend against the Washington Football Team. Drake quickly found time after the injury to offer a suggestion to the NFL on what kind of tackling should be allowed.

Drake wants the kind of tackle that broke his ankle to be deemed illegal.

Like I said, tackle football can cause injuries.

See Drake’s take below:

“The #NFL needs to look at this specific style of tackling. They are throwing flags for taunting and protecting qbs from getting touched but this is my 2nd straight season being injured by a guy pulling me back and using his body weight to roll up my legs. If the emphasis is to protect the players this should be an illegal form of tackling like a horse collar. We lose players weekly to high ankle sprains and broken bones but the league would rather flag players for erroneous taunting penalties. Let’s get the priorities together”

He followed up after his comment section got hit hard:

“I see a lot of people responding about how this is a legal hit & wasn’t intentional. While that may be true, the horse collar wasn’t a malicious tackle or falling at a qb’s legs in the pocket. This conversation needs to be had to spark the change needed for players safety”

What’s next, taking tackling out of football?

Of course Drake is going to be frustrated after his season ended, but the dude signed up for this.

A horse collar tackle I  get, but this kind of thing can’t be controlled.

Tough break.

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