Kate Upton Reveals Her Daughter Is Convinced Justin Verlander Plays This Sport Professionally

Justin Verlander and Kate Upton are really enjoying raising their daughter. They’re doing all the typical parent stuff, which included showing off what they do for a living. The SI Swimsuit model appeared on The Tonight Show where host Jimmy Fallon asked what the superstar baseball pitcher is like as a father.

“He’s the best dad—he really is,” Kate replied. “He’s always so involved. He’s the best partner. He’s just not the best dog dad. Like, he has helped almost zero with Norman, but he took almost every night shift with Vivi. So I still am a little bitter about that.” She added.

Kate went on to explain that Justin has made it a point to show their daughter footage of himself pitching. As a result of never being able to see him pitch live, their kid appears to be a bit confused about which sport the two-time Cy Young Award winner actually plays professionally.


Apparently she thinks he’s a golfer:

“He has been showing her lots of highlight films,” Kate shared. “And I’m not sure if he’s showing her highlight films because he’s not playing right now, or if it’s because—I think she thinks he’s actually a golfer. She’s seen him golf more than she’s seen him play baseball.”

She continued:

“And so, when we were watching the Masters [golf tournament] the other day, she was like, ‘Daddy! Daddy!’ I was like, ‘No, that’s not what he does. He’s not that good.'”

What a cute story. One day she’ll grow up to realize her parents are both super famous.

What a way to be brought into this world.

Check out more of Justin and Kate below:

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