Dodgers Security Guard Impressively Dove Into Stands To Get Out Of The Way Of A Line Drive

This Los Angeles Dodgers security guard must have a history in serious training, because the move he pulled off during the Reds game on Tuesday night was beyond cool.


In the 6th inning, Chris Taylor hit a screaming double down the line right at the security guard. With a runner on first, the guy knew he had to avoid the ball, or the play would be ruled dead, and the Dodgers would have no chance scoring on the play. So, he risked it all. The security guard cartwheeled into the stands, and almost even landed on his feet.

Impressive move by security here.

The coolest part about the guys’ whole maneuver, is that he even found a way to bring his chair over the ledge with him. Just next level security guard instincts, and I think that guy deserves a raise by the Dodgers.

The Dodgers would take the lead in the 6th, but the Reds came roaring back, and ending up winning the thriller 6-5.

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