Julius Erving Says Daughter Was Born Because Her Mother Had Braces

Say what?

Dr. J has been trending this week for some comments he made in an old autobiography. Back in 1979, the NBA legend began an affair with sportswriter Samantha Stevenson, which resulted in the birth of Alexandra Stevenson, who is now a tennis star.

In his autobiography “Dr. J”, he revealed how he met Samantha Stevenson.

“She becomes someone who helps me unwind if I’m feeling high-strung or stressed. I can drive over and spend a relaxing evening that might even include oral sex,” Erving wrote.

He also stated that his daughter was only born because Samantha had just gotten braces and oral sex wasn’t an option.

“I can only remember one time that we actually had intercourse, and that was because she had just gotten this new orthodontia to straighten her teeth. With wire and gleaming metal bristling in her mouth, oral sex was not an option.”


In an ESPN interview years ago, Dr. J opened about reconciling with his daughter after she reached out to him:

“So many things have happened since Halloween – our first Thanksgiving, [it will be] our first Christmas, our first birthday [together],” Erving says. “I want to make all of these things as special as they can be.”

Alexandra Stevenson retired in 2018 and now works with ESPN as a commentator.

Dr. J probably wishes he could take those cringe comments back.

Being candid is cool but that’s way too much INFO.

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