Johnny Football Arrives at the Fan Controlled Football League Bubble

With the NFL season almost over, it’s time for more football. Not the XFL,  but the fan controlled football league. The FCFL has its players arriving in its ‘Bubble’ in Georgia to prepare for the upcoming season. The season begins on February 13th. It’s biggest star, Johnny Manziel, has arrived.

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Via TMZ: 

The 28-year-old QB arrived to his official team hotel in Gwinnett County, Georgia on Monday night where he’ll get ready for his debut in the Fan Controlled Football League.

As we previously reported, Manziel inked a deal to be the starting QB for the Zappers — a team co-owned by NY Mets pitcher Trevor MayBob Menery and Ronnie2K.

The league, which kicks off on Feb. 13 — is a 7-on-7 full-contact football league where fans control everything from the uniforms, logos and the play calling.

The field is only 50 yards long with 10-yard end zones — which means this game is built for fast action and lots of scoring. All games will take place at a special facility in Atlanta.

League officials tell us … the FCF has “taken over” the hotel and have turned it into a “bubble” environment — with strict COVID protocols to keep everyone safe.

There are a bunch of accomplished NFL stars and pro athletes from other sports who are team owners in the FCF — including Marshawn LynchRichard Sherman and WNBA star Renee Montgomery.

Johnny Football is back doing what he loves. Now if he can just get back to his party ways, we’ll really be in for a treat.

Definitely going to have to check out the FCFL.

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