John Oliver’s Hot Take Going Viral: ‘Football Shouldn’t Exist’

John Oliver needs to rethink his latest hot take.

Everyone is now seemingly an expert on concussions. Tua Tagovailoa was back on the field only four days after sustaining what appeared to be a concussion. Tua ended up getting hurt pretty badly, and he has yet to return to the field following another apparent concussion. Everyone has been weighing in on the situation, including some of the late-night hosts. One such TV personality is John Oliver, who hosts Last Week Tonight on HBO. It is one of the more politically conscious shows on TV.

Oliver had a pretty wild take on what to do.

“There is already prime-time programming where people kill themselves for our entertainment—it’s called Monday Night Football,” Oliver said. “Happy concussion season, football fans! It sure feels like this sport maybe shouldn’t exist.” Via Hollywood  

Tua is currently being treated under the league’s concussion protocol and did not play against the New York Jets on Sunday.

“We do not believe this was a meaningful application of the protocols,” NFL Players Association president and former Cleveland Browns player JC Tretter wrote on Twitter Saturday. “Nobody, including the NFL, believes he should have been put back in the game. It is problematic that he was cleared for a back injury for which the lead doctors never took the time to examine.”

As of this past Sunday, “ataxia,” or “abnormality of balance/stability, motor coordination, or dysfunctional speech caused by a neurological issue,” has been added to the list of “no-go” symptoms within the concussion protocol.

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