Joel Embiid Has Never Looked More Prepared Than He Does In An Outbreak Outfit Entering The Orlando NBA Bubble

Joel Embiid has generally been more of a “play himself into shape as the season goes son” type of guy in his NBA career thus far. Even though he’s a beast of a player, I’d say his preparedness is not necessarily a strong suit.

But much like 2020 is a fresh start for us in so many ways, Joel Embiid is changing that reputation right before our eyes. Here’s the outfit he entered the Orlando NBA bubble with that seems straight out of the movie Contagion:

Given how poorly the MLS bubble experiment has gone, I don’t blame Joel Embiid going extra cautious with his ensemble. And even if he’s wearing the outfit for shtick, Florida just had its highest COVID-19 day with 11,458 cases on the 4th. It’s better safe than sorry in every possible way. He could have showed up clad entirely in a somewhat ironic bubble wrap ensemble and I wouldn’t have begrudged that either, a good way to avoid injuries and viruses equally for Joel.

The only guy more prepared in Orlando might be the Clippers’ Lou Williams:

Way more delicious and varied snacks for Lou than virus thwarting wardrobe choices but I respect both forms of preparation equally. These fellas have to make the NBA bubble work for them somehow. Lou Williams is ready for the weed binge eating sesh of all time, Joel Embiid is ready to avoid viruses or paint a house … there are multiple routes to happiness and preparedness.

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