Joe Judge Brings Up Bill Gates When Explaining Why He Doesn’t Use Analytics

New York Giants coach Joe Judge has heard enough about all these numbers and analytics that are taking over a game as pure as football.

The head coach voiced his reasoning for not using advanced statistics when making decisions by using Bill Gates as an example.

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“Analytics is just a tool,” Joe Judge said. “You can look at a stat sheet all ya want. I promise you if Excel was gonna win football games, Bill Gates would be killing it right now.”

Joe Judge’s New York Giants are 0-3 on the season, and seem to be moving backwards on offense with old-school OC Jason Garrett.

Judge has not completely ruled out using analytics in certain situations, but this quote is bound to enrage Giants fans who already feel like their team is stuck in the past.

The New York Giants need change. Wehther that comes from personnel, increased use of analytics, or all of the above remains to be seen. But if Joe Judge doesn’t play his cards right in the coming weeks, a change might be coming to their head coach, as well.

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