Lane Kiffin Returns Fire at ESPN’s Michael Wilbon After being Called ‘a Clown’

Lane Kiffin isn’t about to let someone call him a clown without responding.

The Ole Miss football coach used Twitter to fire back at Michael Wilbon, host of ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption, after one of Wilbon’s rants about Kiffin went viral Tuesday.

“There’s nothing to be proud of if you’re college football because of Lane Kiffin,” Wilbon said on the show. “Lane Kiffin is a clown. Lane Kiffin has been an embarrassment at multiple stops. Nobody is going to run out there and say ‘Yeah, I want Lane Kiffin right there on the logo representing me.’ Lane Kiffin’s a cute little story for guys like us who have to talk about sports every day and we can come in and say ‘Ha ha ha, Lane Kiffin.’ Lane Kiffin equals embarrassment at some point wherever he is.”

Here’s the video of Wilbon calling Lane a clown:

Kiffin responded Tuesday night with a few emojis and said he’ll pray for Wilbon because life is too short to be angry. However he added to the thread today.

See Lane’s response to Wilbon below:

“And way to go out on a (limb) and pick the number one team in the country at home who is a huge favorite,” Kiffin tweeted. “How long did you watch film to make that surprise pick? Really newsworthy captain obvious.”

Lane Kiffin is kind of a clown, but he’s a clown who always seems to be employed.

For whatever reason, he keeps getting hired.

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