LSU “Was Prepared” To Throw Big Money At An SEC Coach Prior To Landing Brian Kelly

Following the successful tenure of Coach O, the LSU Tigers made a move for someone a little less cartoonish – bringing in Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly with a big contract.

But according to a report that surfaced last week, LSU athletic director Scott Woodward called Texas A&M about trying to interview Jimbo Fisher for their opening.


Now, Action Network’s Brett McMurphy is saying that the Tigers were willing to break the bank even more than they did for Brian Kelly in order to land Jimbo Fisher.

Jimbo Fisher certainly feels like a better fit for LSU than Brian Kelly.

For one, Jimbo has been a southern guy fro most of his life – whereas Kelly profiles as more of a midwesterner. This was on full display when Kelly made his initial speach to LSU fans during a basketball game – when he was heavily trolled for very clearly faking a southern accent.

Jimbo Fisher apparently turned down a whole lot of money from LSU. And Brian Kelly was there to reap the benefits.

The college coaching news has been more insane than ever over the past few weeks.

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