Jim Harbaugh Uses World War II Analogy When Talking About His Job Security

When Michigan hired Jim Harbaugh as their head football coach in 2015 it looked like a slam dunk hire. Harbaugh had just come off a highly successful tenure with the San Francisco 49ers, and had taken the team to the Super Bowl.

It seemed like his vibrant personality was best suited for college. And what better place than his alma mater, Michigan?

Unfortunately for Harbaugh and the Wolverines, Michigan has not been able to reach the mountaintop during his time at the helm. Harbaugh has still not beaten Ohio State in his five tries, and has been constantly rumored to be on the hot seat over the past couple of seasons.


Despite all the noise surrounding him, Jim Harbaugh doesn’t sound all too concerned with his job security. He even used a WWII analogy to describe his current situation.

“People are trying to discourage you,” Jim Harbaugh said during Big Ten Media Day when asked if he was worried about his job security. “It’s almost like propaganda, like let’s discourage them. Almost like World War II propaganda machines. ‘Stop, quit, no need to try, you have no chance, don’t even try any further’. We don’t subscribe to that at all. We’re trying to get to the top. We’re either going to get there or die trying.”

Jim Harbaugh would go on to exert confidence that he was going to beat Ohio State.

Even if the odds are against him, you have to commend Harbaugh on his confidence. His days may be numbered at Michigan, but he’s going to give it everything he has until the day his key doesn’t work at the facility anymore.

And why not? Jim Harbaugh would be able to land a plethora of NFL jobs if Michigan were to move off of him. For now, though, he’s just trying to find a way to beat Ohio State.

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