Jesus Sanchez Caught a Bare Hander Like It Was Nothing

It’s not everyday you see a Major Leaguer not have  to use a glove to catch a baseball. Jesús Sánchez did that very feat, and now he joins the ultra-exclusive club last night by performing that feat on a fly ball down the right-field line. Did he put himself in a desperate situation by playing a routine chance into something extraordinary?

He sure did.


Watch  the catch below:

“I was just running really hard after the ball,” Sánchez said postgame. “I was trying to be very careful with the wall, and I was looking at the wall, looking at the ball, and then suddenly I looked at the ball and I passed the ball completely. I didn’t have any reach with my left hand, so I just pulled that right hand and suddenly I grabbed it.

The 23-year-old Sanchez is one of 14 rookies on the Miami Marlins.

Now he’ll forever be linked with Kevin Mitchell.

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