Jemele Hill, Cari Champion Asked Jake Paul If It’s Racist That He Beat Nate Robinson

Jake Paul and Nate Robinson got in the ring to make some money, there wasn’t necessarily any beef between the two when they signed up to fight one another. The trash talking began after the fight was announced. We all know what happened, Jake Paul obliterated the former NBA player.

He knocked him out cold.


The ladies at Vice interviewed Jake Paul today, and they had a pretty interesting question to ask the celebrity boxer. They asked if knocking out Nate Robinson was racist.

Watch below:

It sounds like they’re trolling him, because once two men step into a ring, color no longer matters.

Twitter responded to the question:

You would think that question was a total joke, but it’s really not a funny joke at all, so not sure what they were hoping to get out of asking him that.

Total bush league, joking or not.

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