Jay Cutler Made A Fan Pay A Hilarious Price For A Picture

If you want to get your picture taken with Jay Cutler you are going to have to pay a price. Cutler was in Vail, Colorado, and hanging out outside a bar in the skiing village. A fan reportedly wanted a picture with the former NFL quarterback.  Cutler would take the photo under one condition. The fan had to chug an entire pitcher of beer to get the picture he requested. Seems like a fair challenge to me. If you want a picture with Jay Cutler you have to prove you’re worthy. Check out the video below.

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Cutler seemed unimpressed with the fans’ ability to chug the beer. Sorry, Jay Cutler, we can’t all do it like you. Especially when it is already freezing cold outside. Despite the fans’ poor performance by Cutler’s standards, the quarterback shook his hand and obliged for the photo.

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Skiing and drinking have always felt like a vicious combination to me. It’s already hard enough to navigate the slopes, why add alcohol to the mix? Not knocking it at all, that’s just me. Everyone in the video, including Cutler, was wearing skiing gear, suggesting they were having some fun on the slopes during the day.

The upshot: if you ever plan on getting your picture taken with Jay Cutler, you better be ready to chug some beer.

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