Can Jarrett Stidham’s Hot Wife Posting Bikini Pics On Insta Help Him Steal The Patriots’ Starting QB Job From Cam Newton?

Until the moment that the Patriots step on a football field, I will not get rid of my pet theory that the Patriots are using Cam Newton as a fall guy to start Jarrett Stidham early in the season. Especially with a number of key Patriots opting out of the season, you may want to see with the young guy you have rather than the veteran on a one-year deal.

And while I won’t say there’s a direct statistical correlation between Jarrett Stidham’s hot wife Kennedy Stidham and his success on the football field, we all know the strength that comes from a good woman. Perhaps her fashion forward yet retro styles will provide him comfort in a quarterback competition. Will Cam find that same solace from his collection of stupid hats and ensembles? I’d say no!

I mean, come on, have you ever seen a more loving couple in a sponsored post for some beauty product I’ve never heard of? Even if Jarrett Stidham doesn’t win the job, we can all safely say he’s rich in love, hot wives, and flawless skin.

Meanwhile here’s Cam Newton appearing at a press conference:

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I’m taking the side with Kennedy Stidham, my friends.

(h/t Egotastic Sports)

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