James Franklin Thinks He’s Playing Ohio State At “The Big House” This Week

The Illinois loss may have officially broken James Franklin.

Penn State’s coach has been linked to the vacancy at USC ever since Clay Helton was fired earlier in the season. And through it all, he has remains committed to the Nittany Lions.

In the early going of the season, Penn State looked destined to make a run. But after losing to Iowa and Illinois, James Franklin is now hoping he can find a way to pick up the pieces.


Life isn’t going to get easier for Franklin’s squad, as they have to travel to Ohio State for a marquee matchup against the Buckeyes this weekend. When speaking on turning the page, a clearly disheveled James Franklin said that his team was looking forward to the matchup at “The Big House”.

In James Franklin’s defense, he has a lot on his plate right now. But this is still a pretty significant faux pas – especially considering how long this guy has been in the Big Ten with Ohio State and Michigan now.

Franklin has had a history of leaving programs despite saying he’s committed. Early into his tenure at Vanderbilt, Franklin pounced at the opportunity to take over for Bill O’ Brien at Penn State.

He’s done an excellent job building the program back up, but perhaps history will repeat itself now that Penn State is officially no longer a contender.

USC fans: would you be interested in James Franklin taking over?

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