Jalen Rose Speaks on How ESPN Hired Stephen A. Smith Once He Started Name Calling Black Athletes

Former NBA player Jalen Rose was a guest on ESPN with Stephen A. Smith back in the day, and they were trying to get him to call Kwame Brown a name. Jalen’s argument was basically that anyone who played in the league for 10-plus years can’t be considered a scrub.

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Yesterday Jalen spoke in detail about the Kwame Brown situation.

Jalen said that the media is setup to only respect 10 black celebs like M.J., LeBron, Denzel etc. He also was not a fan of Skip Bayless calling Chris Bosh “Posh Spice” and that these labels have nothing to do with their contribution or stats in basketball, but instead are negative labels that affect how they’re perceived in the media forever.

Jalen’s mom always taught him about respect and that’s why he retired the word “bust” on his show, Jalen and Jacoby.

Also the former Fab Five member no longer swears because he didn’t like the negative connotation associated with it. Jalen also explained how Stephen A. Smith got the gig when he started taking shots at athletes.

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I wonder if Stephen A. will respond to Jalen on First Take. He probably won’t, just because he doesn’t want Kwame Brown coming at him again.

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