Jaguars Running Back James Robinson Calls Out Urban Meyer’s Coaching Decisions

Urban Meyer’s first year in the NFL hasn’t gone exactly as planned.

Not only is he having a tough time trying to win football games, he’s also having issues with communication. Jaguars running back James Robinson played a season low 44% of the snaps in Sunday’s 37-7 loss to the Rams. After a first quarter fumble, Robinson didn’t touch the ball again until the 3rd quarter.

Asked after the game by ESPN’s Michael DiRocco whether Jaguars running back James Robinson would have remained in the game if he didn’t fumble, Meyer gave a two-word response.

“Oh, sure,” Meyer said.

In a Monday appearance on Jags Report Live, Robinson refuted Meyer’s claim

“When [a fumble] happens and you’re out for that long, you’ve gotta feel that way,” Robinson said. “I was just waiting my turn to get back in the game and it didn’t really come until the third quarter.”

When asked on Monday why Robinson saw three carries in the fourth quarter if he was injured, Meyer gave an odd answer.

“That’s a good question,” Meyer said.

Robinson himself couldn’t answer that question and said his fourth quarter appearance left him confused.

“I knew the game was over by that point,” Robinson said. “I probably should’ve been resting. I’m not sure what the point of that was.”

The Jags are currently 2-10 and Trevor Lawrence doesn’t appear to be getting any better. It also appears like he’s lost his locker room.

Looks like Urban bit off more than he can chew in Jacksonville.

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