Internet Believes Brandon Ingram Dated a ‘Little Person’

New Orleans Pelicans star Brandon Ingram is one of the young guns in the NBA, he’s putting together a terrific season in New Orleans. Ingram is averaging around 25 point a game, and the sky’s the limit for the former Lakers player. Now onto the headline, as the internet discovered that Brandon’s first love could be labeled as a “little person”. Brandon’s former girlfriend Tiffany is slightly shorter than 4’10, but standing next to her almost 7 foot tall ex, she looks even shorter.

Brandon supposedly started dating Tiff as Freshman in high school, and the big and little dated all the way until their Senior year.

Check out some pics of the couple below:

Ingram currently stands at 6’8, while Tiff ended up maxing out at 4’9.

They’re supposedly still good friends, which is pretty nice. No doubt Ingram has moved on to bigger and better things.

Check out more of Ingram’s old girlfriend below:

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