Gronk Has Arrived At Disney World

Rob “Gronk” Gronkowski came out of retirement for one reason. He wanted to win another Super Bowl with Tom Brady. In their first year as Tampa Bay Buccaneers players, they were able to accomplish their goal. The historic duo of Brady and Gronk were able to defeat the Kansas City Chiefs last night, and win the Super Bowl.

After the game, Tom Brady and Gronkowski declared declared they were headed to Disney World to celly.

It looks like COVID can’t stop Gronk from partying it up in Orlando. In fact, he’s already there.

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It is tradition for the Super Bowl Championship winners to go to Disney World for a parade after the game. However, the parade has reportedly been canceled this year due to COVID-19. Nonetheless, that wasn’t going to stop Gronk from living like a kid in Orlando.

I’m sure whatever video Rob Gronkowski is filming at Disney World will be great content. The guy is a walking party, and people seem to be drawn to his energy.

Gronk has said that he plans on returning to the Bucs for another season. Who knows? Maybe he’ll be right back at Disney World around the same time next season. I know I would bet against Tom Brady winning another ring.

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