Jay Cutler Loses Uber Eats Deal Over Outspoken Political Views On Social Media

Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler has been somewhat surprisingly outspoken about his political views during his retirement.

Using his Instagram account, Cutler has outed himself as an anti-masker and COVID restrictions right winger, and he isn’t afraid to call out everyone who disagrees, including Dr. Fauci.


When Cutler got worried that his Instagram might get taken down, he took his politics party to the Twitter-verse.


Jay Cutler’s latest project has been to (maybe jokingly?) run for school board in 2024 after schools have been issuing a mask mandate for students returning to class after the summer.

On Friday, Jay Cutler revealed that his partnership plan with Uber Eats and the NFL has now been voided over the differences in political views.

Knowing Jay Cutler, losing a sponsorship deal is only going to fuel his fire even more.

The guy never did care what anyone thought about him.

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