Gina Carano Posts Topless Pic On Instagram, Gets Amusing White Knight Reply From Renzo Gracie

The women’s MMA game has come along way, something that’s obvious if you’ve watched some of the UFC cards over the last few months. But, talent notwithstanding, Gina Carano is right up there on the Mount Rushmore of female MMA draws over the years. She brought the sport to the mainstream for a lot of people (including but not limited to horny dudes) and now has big acting roles in stuff like The Mandalorian and Deadpool as a result.

So it’s not a huge surprise that Gina Carano would feel comfortable enough with her body and looks to post something like the below on Instagram. Carano posted the artsy topless photo with a quote from Prince talking about how “freedom is sexy”:

In addition to the expected thirsty replies, she got one from Gracie family member and MMA vet Renzo Gracie that was seeking validation in its own way:

It’s unclear if Renzo Gracie’s white knighthood helped awaken her to being the “most beautiful woman..That walked around” but Carano took the Instagram post down shortly after his reply.

I’m old enough to remember when the Internet collectively lost their minds over her stripping down to just a towel to make a weigh-in. But it’s a tough line to walk these days with being an attractive woman from the world of MMA. They have so many legitmate female fighters who get angry at the idea of other women stealing bouts with “hot girl” social media clout. It’s probably a tough line to walk for a woman like Gina Carano who was probably more “influencer” than “elite fighter” compared to the women in the Octagon today.

But hey I think you’ve got to support Gina Carano’s right to do what she wants with her body. Gina Carano topless on Instagram, Gina Carano in a potato sack because she wants to be more than her looks, whatever floats her boat. We’re on the cusp of the 4th of July and if that’s how our girl wants to show off her freedom, who am I to judge?

For the intrepid freedom fighters among you, the uncensored Gina Carano topless Instagram photo lives on here. It’s NSFW but like…tasteful NSFW. Your boss will understand.

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