Everyone Is Blasting The Daughter Of The Lombardi Trophy Designer After She Admitted To Losing Sleep Because Tom Brady Threw The Trophy During Super Bowl Parade

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred was put on blast last year when he referred to the World Series Trophy as a “piece of metal”.

It seems like people have a whole different mindset when it comes to the Lombardi Trophy. In fact, you better treat it with care or else there’s a woman who will be losing sleep.


Lorraine Grohs, the daughter of the master silversmith who crafted the Lombardi trophy, was absolutely up in arms after she saw Tom Brady throw the trophy to tight end Cameron Brate during the Super Bowl boat parade.

β€œIt just upset me that this trophy was disgraced and disrespected by being thrown as if it was a real football,” Lorraine Grohs told Fox4.

She even admitted that she couldn’t sleep after seeing Brady toss her father’s trophy.

Social media was quick to bash Lorraine Grohs after her strong comments.


This poor woman.

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If it was five minutes of fame that Lorraine Grohs was seeking, she got her wish. Now everyone knows her as the “Karen” who lost sleep because of the way somebody treated a trophy they won while playing a sport.

Also, when Tom Brady threw the Lombardi Trophy… it was caught. Why lose sleep over a situation that didn’t even end poorly?

Hopefully Lorraine Grohs can get back to her normal sleep schedule very soon.

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