ESPN Analyst Slams Baker Mayfield: ‘Poor Man’s Johnny Manziel’

ESPN’s Paul Finebaum has heard enough of Baker Mayfield.

Earlier in the week, Mayfield took it upon himself to slam a report from Cleveland media that there’s currently some growing tension between him and Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski.

“Clickbait. You and many other Cleveland local media continue to be drama stirring reporters with no sources or facts. Don’t put words in my mouth so you can put food on your table. I’m not your puppet,” Mayfield said on Twitter.

When speaking on Baker Mayfield’s need to lash out at reports surrounding him all the time, Paul Finebaum didn’t hold back. He called him a “punk” when going on a rant on why he will never work in Cleveland.

“I got into it with him in college,” Finebaum said, via Pro Football Talk. “He came after me on Twitter. And I thought he was a punk then and nothing has changed. He is a poor man’s Johnny Manziel. I think Cleveland ought to get rid of him. I don’t know if it’s possible, but I think the Browns are wasting their time with this guy.”

While Baker Mayfield surely has his problems, it’s a huge stretch to refer to him as a “poor man’s Johnny Manziel.

He’s the best quarterback the team has had in a while – winning Cleveland its first playoff game in a long time. Unfortunately for the Browns, he’s still relatively immature and doesn’t have the talent to boot.

Will Cleveland look to move Baker Mayfield in the offseason?

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