Red Wings Captain Dylan Larkin Had An All-Time Reaction To Spilling A Fan’s Beer

Detroit Red Wings captain Dylan Larkin knows the price of stadium beers is absurd nowadays.

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During warmups before the game against the Islanders earlier in the month, Larkin was skating near the boards when he bumped the glass a little bit too hard. The collision caused the fan sitting in the first row to spill his beer.

Dylan Larkin felt so bad, that he skated over to a coach on the bench and had the man brought $20 so he could buy himself another beer prior to the game.

Check out the video:

Dylan Larkin just gained a fan in myself and many other hockey fans with this classy gesture.

Despite Detroit currently enduring a long rebuild, it appears as though they have a true leader in Larkin. So far on the year he has 15 goals to go along with 14 assists.

The future is bright for Dylan Larkin and perhaps the Red Wings franchise.

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