Dumped NFL Wife Goes on Lengthy Facebook Rant

Does anyone remember Dawn Neufeld from Vh1 Football Wives? She was married to Ryan Neufeld, who played tight end for the Cowboys, Jaguars, Seahawks and Bills. His last season in the NFL was back in 2007. Apparently Ryan and Dawn have called it quits. The former NFL tight end dumped her after 19 years of marriage. Dawn has since posting some off the wall things on FB and a private NFL wives group, so naturally people were concerned about her behavior.

Whatever the case, she went on this long weight rant/life story recap.

Read below if you have a few hours:

This is one Facebook post that may just be too long to read, but I hope you at least tried.

Somebody get this woman a diary, like now.

Hopefully she finds peace sooner than later.

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