Do You Miss Normal Society? Perhaps This Lady Going INSANE On A Verizon Employee Will Make You Happier To Stay At Home

I know we all are caught in those quarantine feelings. Every day feels the same. The sunlight is so tempting and a day at the beach would be lovely. So would a nice dinner or brunch at your favorite restaurant or a beer during a warm baseball game. While you or I may not be protesting with guns in arm muttering something about “THEY TOOK MAH CIVIL LIBIRDEES” because you have to wear a mask and stay six feet away from people to avoid more human death, it’s safe to say we all feel those same pangs of missing even the most basic things about normal life.

But you know how we are as human beings, all rose-colored glasses all the time. And it’s easy to forget that there was so much to hate about society too. Traffic. People talking to you about the current goodness or badness of the weather. And, of course, the Karens.

So let this shrieking conspiracy theorist banshee of a phone store customer be a reminder to you that, yes, being at home is probably the best option right now. Not only would you help prevent the spread of the most world-altering disease we’ll hopefully ever encounter in our lifetimes, you also avoid this woman blowing out your eardrums while you attempt to figure out if you need a mini USB or USB-C cable. Sure you’ll miss out on her undoubtedly brilliant points about the mafia being involved in attempts to make her phone purchase. But you’ve got access to more than enough psychopaths online to make up for it just a short click away.

Stay home. Stay safe. And remember: the world did actually mostly suck before we all got trapped inside and got reverse Stockholm syndrome for being outdoors.

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