Deshaun Watson Reportedly Scrubbing His Instagram DM’s

Deshaun Watson’s Instagram was the tool he used to link up with women, some were license massage therapists, some were not. Now as more women continue to file civil suits, the current count stands at 20, there are more details on what’s going on with Watson in light of the damning allegations. In one of the lawsuits that was brought to light today, it alleged that Watson was not only deleting Instagram messages, but also reaching out to victims in an attempt to settle cases before they get added to the mix.

See below:

Rusty Hardin, Watson’s attorney, previously released a statement last week:

“Any allegation that Deshaun forced a woman to commit a sexual act is completely false.” “I want to emphasize at the outset that we and Deshaun recognize that sexual assault and harassment are not only unlawful, but morally wrong. It takes courage for women to come forward to report being mistreated, particularly when they attach their names to a lawsuit. We do not take these allegations lightly. However, fairness to the accused is equally as important.”

Watson is definitely going to do whatever he needs to in order to get past this crazy situation he put himself in.  There’s no amount of IG scrubbing that will wipe away 20 civil  lawsuits.

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