Deshaun Watson Called ‘Serial Predator’ in Lawsuit No. 14

Houston Texans star Quarterback Deshaun Watson wakes up every day and has to see another lawsuit has been filed. A 14th lawsuit alleging sexual assault and inappropriate conduct was filed against Deshaun Watson by a woman who says she believes the Houston Texans quarterback is a “serial predator.” The lawsuit alleges that Watson “assaulted and harassed Plaintiff by exposing himself to her and touching her with his penis.”


“The traveling massage therapist alleges that when she arrived at the address Watson gave her, he led her to a room and “locked the doors behind him.” After Watson allegedly “forced Plaintiff’s hand onto his penis” during the massage, he allegedly told her, “I will not have you sign a NDA but don’t ever talk about this.”

The plaintiff also alleges that Watson reached out on Instagram in December “acting as if nothing had happened.”


Watson is denying that anything inappropriate happened with any of the accusers,  and his attorney Rusty Hardin said last Friday that the allegations against the quarterback are “meritless.”

“I have never treated any woman with anything other than the utmost respect,” Watson said in a statement he posted on Twitter on March 16.

At this point, there’s far too many women all saying the same thing.

Watson better pray criminal charges don’t get filed, but how can they not if all these women are all saying the same thing…

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