Denver’s Troy Daniels Revealed The First Look At NBA Bubble Food In Orlando And It’s Not Exactly Elite

Nuggets guard Troy Daniels is very much an everyman in the NBA bubble. He’s a veteran guard who’s been on seven different teams over his seven years in the league. His experience is probably pretty typical of what NBA guys will experience in the Orlando bubble.

And by the looks of it, the NBA is not necessarily killing it for players with a menu that looks like it’s out of the MLS’s Fyre Festival playbook:

I’ll give some bonus points for keeping all the toppings on the side to keep them fresh and avoid sogginess. But that is a tough scene for the NBA’s Orlando bubble that’ll reportedly cost around $150 million. Players are just starting to trickle in and there are the quarantine periods to kick off their arrivals so that could explain the airplane food caliber of offerings. But it’s not the best start for a bubble that seems like it could face some issues as the US soars past three million COVID-19 cases.

And, for what it’s worth, it seemed like LeBron and the Lakers had a lovely Taco Tuesday while Troy Daniels snacked on Lunchables. It’s unclear if they were in the bubble for the meal or not:

Maybe just the spoils of being the No. 1 seed in the Orlando NBA bubble? Either way, it seems like Troy Daniels may have joined the wrong roster purely in Michelin stars after he started the year in LeBronland.

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