Denny Hamlin Goes On Social Media Rant After Being Wrecked By Alex Bowman On Sunday

If it weren’t for Alex Bowman, Denny Hamlin likely would have been the winner at the NASCAR Cup Series at Martinsville on Sunday.

Late in the race, Hamlin was enjoying a lead late in the race when Bowman got into his rear, spinning him into the wall.

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After the race, Denny Hamlin blocked Alex Bowman from celebrating, flipping him the “double birds” in the process.

When getting criticized for how he handled the Alex Bowman situation, Denny Hamlin took to social media to double down on how he feels, and defend his antics at Martinsville.

Denny Hamlin would still go on to qualify for the Final Four in the NASCAR Playoffs next weekend. But it’s clear that he’s prepared to have an enemy in Alex Bowman for as long as they continue racing.

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