Dennis Rodman’s Daughter Trinity Throws Him Under the Bus

Dennis Rodman’s daughter, Trinity Rodman, has her father to thank for her amazing athletic genes. Apparently that’s about it. She gets plenty of questions about her NBA Hall of Famer father, but it’s actually her mother who Rodman admires most. Rodman’s daughter was selected No. 2 overall in the NSWL draft in January.

So who does Trinity give credit to?

Trinity credited her mother, Michelle, for providing a strong support system, according to Caitlin Murray of The Guardian.

“Having a dad like I do, no one asks about my mom because she’s obviously not an NBA star, but I just want people to know that my mom’s been my support system in everything in life and she’s my best friend and my rock,” Trinity Rodman said. “I don’t think people know how close we are and, even though she wasn’t in the NBA, she has an extremely competitive and driven mindset, and she’s an extremely strong woman. She’s my role model.”


Trinity gets a bit annoyed that everyone always asks about her legendary Dad:

“He is my dad at end of the day and I don’t think it’s gonna go away, so I just answer the questions and then move on.”

When you’re last name is Rodman that’s going to happen.  Obviously there are some perks of being Dennis Rodman’s daughter so Dennis deserves a little credit, no?

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